“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

Writing has become somewhat of a passion of mine and I find it inspirational in itself to stare at a blank page, not knowing what I will write about from one moment to the next. Each week a blog post appears out of nowhere. The process itself daunting, as the mind races and almost forgotten memories resurface. Images turn into words, words shape sentences and sentences make stories. Adding imagery, captured either through the lens of a modern digital camera or by giving life to our fantasy through light and shade of graphite, the paper – or in this case the screen – comes alight.

Since embarking on a bit of an artistic journey myself and discovering the sheer time and patience it takes to complete a page of words that actually make sense or capture a moment in all its honesty and true beauty, I am in awe of all the great artists and authors before our time.

The ability to create and transform, to captivate an audience and mesmerise, challenge the norms and encourage others to follow in their foot steps to break pre existing ideas is truly inspiring.

All around us are reminders of the great artists of past and present times. Inspiration is all it takes to fuel the artistic flame. Any country or place I have visited, proudly presents their cultural heritage through the arts and its architecture. All of which are simply the results of hard work and perseverance. From the staircase in St.Paul’s to the temple of Angkor Wat. From the statue of David to the ones of Buddha all across Asia. From the ancient monument of Stonehenge to the shining skyscrapers of our cities. Drawing their creative energy from hard work and commitment is what inspired these people centuries ago and what leaves me breathless and speechless today, when I gaze upon the images of their creations. What inspires you?





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