Look Up and Take Five

We do not have to stray far from our front door to be inspired and get a grasp on the endless imagination and creativity that surrounds us.

In a city that never sleeps, where the every day mood is dependent on the reliability of an underground maze that in itself is considered a work of art, where the baristas run and shout out coffees by the minute and the suits, heels, briefcases and sunglasses are the standard attire worn by so many. 

Seen from above the London rush hour must look like an entire ant colony, all working together in an indescribable effort to overcome the challenges of the day only to return back to the warmth of their home before sunset. When you step out of the crowd, look beyond the usual commute, take a different route to work, look up from your phone and standard issued free newspaper, you will draw energy from the beauty this city has to offer. The incredible architecture, the sometimes secret and sometimes less secret street art, the beautiful and wondrous fashion, the quirky passageways, coffee shops, the modern present and historic past. All of this is why I came to this gem in the first place and not once has she left me disappointed. Now, on my way to work I regularly check in with Quaker Street  – a coffee shop dedicated to art and caffeine.  A wonderful way to start my day. On my way through the hip backstreets around brick lane, it is these images that make my journey and this city all the more beautiful. Next time you rush out the house on your way to work, take a moment to find something new or notice something that you just have walked by in the past. Take five and enjoy being inspired by what is on your door step.

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