What is Your Travel Companion?

When I travel this beautiful world I have realised that we all cherish a few things that bring comfort and calm to the unknown adventure that lies ahead when we awake to a new day. I have met people, who need their favourite pillow, or cannot use the soaps in the hotels, have an array of disinfectants they would never have in their hometowns, or need earplugs to drown out the unusual night sounds. Some find comfort in knowing which restaurant serves a meal inspired by the cuisine that is most common to them. For me it is the globally recognised travel companion – the blue book that captures the planet’s beautifully astonishing places and guides me through my adventures – I think you know which one I am referring to – and coffee. No day can start without a good cup of coffee.

I have been lucky to enjoy varieties of coffee in the places I have travelled. Ranging from the strong and beautifully home brewed Italian café solo straight from the gas stove to the soothing, frothy cappuccino on the square in front of the Pantheon in Rome. The whipped cream coffee had as part of a family Christmas tradition in Winnipeg, Canada as we stepped into the cinnamon scented coffee shop to escape from the blistering cold and snowy winter morning. Watching people pass in the streets of Hoi Anh, Vietnam as the coffee dripped through a metal filter, into a glass that had a centimetre thick layer of condensed milk in the bottom just waiting to be slowly stirred and sipped in the warm morning sun. I remember the drive through coffee I bought in Texas – yes, even that one should count – the wonderful, unique smell of coffee that fills my parents home on a Sunday morning and the one I had in Copenhagen, where a dear friend made it feel like home, when she brought me a cup of the hot and black while I gazed out of her window onto the beautiful city.

Coffee is my travel companion, my friend, my family, my adventure, my calm and my love. What gives you comfort on your travels?


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