Travelling Light


Waking up, warm sunrays breaking through the blinds and casting thin shadows on the walls of my room. Watching the light dance through the space and touch every corner of the apartment as the sun rises to her highest point throughout the day. Her journey is filled with new adventures, as her rays trawl our beautiful planet day in, day out.

In the north the sun gives life. As she keeps us safe and warm, she is the mother of our soul and gives us strength.

Everything comes to life in spring and we cherish her warmth and kindness. The northern and central European countries like Scandinavia, Germany and the UK come alive in the summer months. Many of their people celebrate midsummer, a day devoted to the celebration of light. The street cafes set up tables and chairs outside as soon as the first sun is out – even if this means you need a blanket and a heater to enjoy your hot cuppa outside. We wear short skirts and sandals, even if the barometer has not yet tipped the 15 degrees. It is sunny, so we make the most of it – almost as if we will never get the opportunity again. Similarly to food shopping madness ahead of a bank holiday – we need to embrace the opportunity in case it is lost forever. Spending a summer in Italy, Spain or the south of France and you soon understand why they cherish their evenings. Once the sun sets on the hills and the Mediterranean see, the streets cool down and come alive. The shops that were closed for the hottest time in the day reopen to the bustling noise of aperitifs and constant chatter in the narrow streets and alleys of ancient towns. Here the sun scorches. For the countries of Latin origin, the sun is a dominant and destructive soul and the Lunar cools and ensures tranquillity.

For centuries, man has created images of the sun and the moon, worshipped solar deities and found great strength in their powers. I am no different. Wherever I travel, I follow the sun. From getting up with her in London and enjoying morning yoga and meditation, to watching her set over the coast of Sri Lanka. Laughing with her, when she sheds her light on me after getting soaked in a thunderstorm, to barely seeing a glimpse of her for days in Reykjavik, Iceland, and being blessed by her blinding wintery beauty in my hometown. The sun is a constant reminder of life and no matter how grey the day, her light always travels.


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