Make It Last


We wander through this world, going about our daily routines and checking off our to do lists. Most of us will follow a similar routine – waking up to the screeching sound of our alarm clock, debating either with ourselves, or with the ones we dress, which outfit will render the best impression today. Our morning is rushed, anticipating whether there is time for breakfast as we calculate its cost to our commute. Extended time spent crammed in a carriage or stuck in our cars, manoeuvring our way through our congested streets, we opt to grab coffees and croissants on the go, wedge a newspaper under our arm, save the world on our phones, tablets and laptops. And this all happens before 09.00 AM. Some of us missed the coffee opportunity as we were on a call, squeezing ourselves onto the train and having arrived at the office just in time, we now need to waft down that bowl of porridge between meetings. The silent but comfortable commuter shoe – the trainer – was your life saviour on days like these, supporting your frantic march through the city, up the stairs and into the office until you can slip on those leather shoes most companies prefer you to wear.

Throughout the day we proceed to complete as many tasks as possible, hoping that it will free up an hour or two on Friday, so we can leave earlier to make the most of our precious weekend. It is these two days and a few weeks annual leave in the year that are devoted to rewarding ourselves for all our hard work. Weekenders take to the streets, celebrating short-lived freedom in excess, holiday makers go wild. Special trips to near and far have to be booked and packed with activities from skiing in winter, surfing and sand castle competitions on our favourite beaches in summer, to swimming with dolphins in the world’s greatest amusement parks across the globe. If it is not a holiday, we rush around planning family events, day trips and excursions. We want relaxation, fun, sun and of course a new experience. Some of us need the adrenaline rush of not knowing what we will encounter on our adventure and others are looking for organised fun – the type that gives comfort to the unsettled mind.

What if we could have a lifetime of calm and experience the joy of travel every day? What if we could live every week in balance without having to manoeuvre and plan our life in between these extremes? We can. We can start looking at our week from a different perspective – see each day as an opportunity for adventure and take a mental snap shot to remind us of the great moment. I cherish the unforeseen and unplanned, circumstantial experiences that impact us, change our views and grant us new perspectives. These are the ones I remember most from my holidays
and the ones that inspire me to travel over and over again. I urge you to get up 15 minutes earlier one morning and have your breakfast at home with your family or simply make a mental note of why you enjoy traveling. Remember what it is that you yearn for when you have this time to yourself and or with your loved ones.

Take a mental image of everything that inspires you, experience the art of travelling and transport it into your life. Make your holiday snap shot last and you will experience your day through a new perspective, creating moments that you will cherish forever.

One thought on “Make It Last

  1. Ah! How times change! When I started work for the Civil Service in Mayfair I tripped up and down the escalators in 3″ heels, complete with hat and gloves! Trainers were unheard of. These days I’d definitely go for the comfort of flats. And no, it wasn’t Victorian times, just the swinging sixties!


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