Temptation and the Wait


When wanderlust is a core part of our being and we are pulled from one place to another, we often struggle knowing that we have to wait for our next adventure to begin. The time between our travels can be excruciating for some and cause us to be restless. Returning from one amazing place with all the images, experiences and adrenalin rush of going out to the unknown excites and encourages us to explore the world in all its astounding beauty and yet, there is always a period of time I devote to being in London and appreciating my home base before embarking on the next adventure. Nevertheless the need to fuel my passion for travelling means that I have trips pencilled in every couple of weeks – near and far destinations – it is an adventure to take a train to the countryside or step on a plane and go thousands of miles to explore the old and the new. In any case, the temptation of filling up the diary and devoting every spare minute to this kind of nomadic lifestyle is ever present. On a second thought, life’s adventures would maybe not be so memorable, if it became our every day and way of living. We often find ourselves bored with routine, deflated by the mundane life we often think we lead. This is where I invite you to embrace the temptation and the wait.

Time makes us conscious of the here and now, allows us to cherish the moment we are in and to live the life we have on our door step to the full.

Waiting and the patience that is required to do so, gives us strength to embark on each adventure that lies ahead. You do not have to be a passionate traveller to allow this way of thinking into your life. You can transport this idea to everything that occupies you – day in, day out. Everything that is a temptation sometimes needs the company of time and patience so it can manifest itself into something tangible.

When I am not travelling I seek the comfort in exploring the arts. From acclaimed artists in museums, on the streets or on social media to taking up drawing classes myself. Writing blogs and drawing on my creative energy helps me balance the wait until I can devote time for my next adventure. Embrace the wait – it will render you enormous joy.


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