Autumn Change

Here in London and most of Northern Europe, summer has said its last good byes and autumn is moving in. Leaves rustle in the wind; their vibrant yellow, orange and red colours shape colossal figures against the backdrop of the bright blue sky or the skyline of our cities. The ones that could not muster the strength to hang on for another day have left faint images of their existence on the concrete pavements outside our houses. Grey clouds surround us during daytime, which in itself is becoming shorter as we steer towards the end of the year and yet, there lies a sense of calm in the air. This season reminds us of the cycle of change and how all things vibrant and alive must come to an end in order to awaken to a new dawn. The diminishing beauty that shapes these vibrant images reminds us that where there is an end there has to have been a beginning.

It demonstrates the beauty of life and that nothing is everlasting and it reminds me how important the present is, how unpredictable life can be and what wonderful experiences every day brings.

As I reflect on this year and look back at the wonderful and mesmerising places I have visited so far, change is all-encompassing. 2017 has been a year of travel, as I reminisced in known places in Germany, explored the unknown in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, visited family and loved ones in Wales, Denmark and Thailand and as my home country prepares for winter, wanderlust will take me to the beautiful city of Barcelona and the other side of the world, as I spend the end of the year in New Zealand and Australia. Counting the stamps in my passport and preparing for an even greater journey in the year to come, I watch the leaves slowly fall to the ground in a spiral descent and cherish the seasonal beauty and the change it brings. Autumn reminds me more of change than any of the four seasons and it is because of this I find this one the most beautiful of them all. Autumn is temperamental, warm and cold at the same time, unpredictable and sometimes brash. Sunny spells, rainy days, gusty winds and misty mornings. The autumn wind carries us from past, through our present and allows us to look ahead into our future. Listen in and explore the change that waits for you.

Hampstead Heath, October 2017

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