Travel Reversed

One of the fabulous things about travelling and living away from home is the people you meet en route. The last few weeks have been devoted to catching up with friends and it has reminded me how many people I have met and how easy it is to simply come back together in any place – no matter how familiar or new, and engage as if the time spent apart never separated us at all. Of course modern technology helps to stay up to date and most of us are never far away from a social media post, a quick text or a few minutes on face time, but with all that said – it never replaces that good old natter over a cup of coffee. So this November I embraced the here and now, bathed in the lovingly endless chatter of my oldest and best friend, celebrated a fabulous Anglo-Finnish reunion in London, rejoiced in wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations and caught up with a dear friend visiting from Ireland, who is on a bit of an adventure herself.

Walking back home this afternoon I realised that all of these amazing people would not be in my life, if I had not had the urge to travel and explore new destinations and cultures and although I miss many of them dearly, I am equally grateful for the experiences we share and know there are many more to come.

I call this Travel Reversed. ¬†Embarking on other people’s adventures and becoming one of theirs as they travel to be with you, exploring more of their unknown.

If this is a familiar feeling and you are reminded of friends, family and other important people who have shared wonderful experiences with you on your “travel reversed”, let them know you are thinking of them and make sure to take them with you on your next journey. No matter where you go or where you meet again, you know you were never truly far apart.



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