Ode to a Window Seat

Cotten candy shaped like clouds, a city emerging in the dust of the desert and almost invisible to the naked eye as it’s sky scrapers reflect the morning sun. Approaching the United Arab Emirates on a trip to the other side of the world is truly mesmerising.
The golden orange sun rays glistening on the surface of the Arabian Sea, the string of lights engulfing the land and drawing a boarder between the sea and the sand. In the morning light the water is crystal clear and teal in colour.
Following on from the United Arab Emirates and on to Australia leads to glorious views of the mountainous regions on our descent to Sydney. Lush green forests, rolling on to cliffs on the coast line and falling into the Tasman Sea.
Next stop Christchurch, as I embark on the final departure of this trip. The Alps so magnificent in their purest form, their peaks surfacing through the clouds and the base of each mountain melting into the blue of the glacier lakes and rivers. The water has carved its path through the rough terrain destined to nourish the pastures and grasslands stretching to the South Pacific Ocean. I reach my final destination after 30 hours of travel folded into a seat, switching between restless intervals of sleep and mind numbing entertainment and it is all worth it – even if just for the greatest views this world has on offer. Window seat. It makes your descent so worth while.

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