Travelling South


I opted to take the coach this time – although this meant I would be spending more time on the road and less time at my desired destination, I opted for this instead of a flight. The conductor – a friendly Maori chap introduced us to the aboriginal language and welcomed us all aboard his coach. We were southbound from Christchurch to Queenstown and enjoyed a miraculous and spectacular sunny journey that made way for all the beautiful country side New Zealand has to offer.
I was expecting to find it tiring – more than eight hours on a coach was not something I was looking forward to. However, the drastic change in scenery – ranging from the Canterbury Plaines, to the Alpine passes and the beautiful mountains of the South Island, lake Tekapo and it’s astonishing views, driving through the vineyards of Otago and finally arriving in Queenstown I realised this was the best way to travel here.
Arriving in this vibrant place and starting the evening on a sunny roof top bar – what better way to end a great southern adventure.

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