Life’s Fireworks

A new day, a new year and a new adventure awaits. Sitting on the pebble beach in Russel on the Bay of Islands, surrounded by the happy chatter of this little town’s residents and holiday makers to the musical backdrop of a local band. Drinking the bubbly from my travel flask, the warm evening breeze lending a softness to the night. Fireworks are sent soaring high to alight the sky in all the colours of the rainbow. A beautiful and peaceful way to celebrate the year that has passed and welcome in the new one. Now travelling on to Australia, I look back at a year full of amazing memories that lend themselves to fabulous stories. Images I took a mental caption of resurface, tunes I listened to on sunny and rainy days become the soundtrack to my journey, art work I have searched and found has left a memorable impression and people I have met along the way have invited me to play a part in their adventure.
Too many times do we look back, make new year’s resolutions to change the things we do not like about our lives and twelve months on we find ourselves in the same place, where nothing has changed. It takes courage to step out of the comfort of our habits and seek out the unknown and yet those of you, who have tested yourselves and taken the leap know how rewarding it is. So I encourage you to start 2018 by taking a step back, sit on a beach, on a mountain or even just the edge of your chair as you read this and think about what you want to change or what you have always wanted to do. Then, like a new year’s eve countdown, as the final clock strikes twelve and the new year is welcomed in with a blast of light, music and colour, you take the leap. From thereon just go forward, one step at a time. I will guarantee you steep climbs, some dark tunnels, narrow passageways and forks in the road. I also promise you rewarding views at the top, light at the end, protection from the wind and choices to be proud of. Life is your greatest adventure – the fireworks are just the beginning of a new chapter.

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