Down Under – On Top of the World

The red soil glistening in between the dry grasslands. The green eucalyptus trees lining the highways and pathways that lead to nowhere. The southern summer sun scorching and leaving no choice, but to seek other pass times during the day. The evenings become alight and people flock to the beaches, ice creams in hand, walking their dogs, strolling with their loved ones in the warm sunset over the bay. Taking a drive through the Barossa and tasting the goodness the heat grants this country, the wineries open their cellar doors to everyone, who has embarked on this far southern journey. Heading on a bus eastward the dusty roads cast a haze on the journey that lies ahead. Visions of Kangaroos, Wallabies and Koalas appear like a Fata Morgana and finally the road opens to beautiful views of the Grampians and the day comes to a close. In the morning the sound of the kookaburra calling out in the thickness of the forest. The only light that shines is the moon that casts its blue, calm rays upon us as we climb the pinnacle. The grey stone against the backdrop of the orange sun in the purple morning light. Arriving at the top, the valley to my feet, the never ending green Australian bush on the horizon. Heading along the Great Ocean Road in the afternoon could not be more contrasting, where the golden, yellow sand melts with the blue of the ocean as the land becomes absorbed by the powerful sea. The beauty of this country is surely unique and mesmerising and visiting down under will leave you with the feeling of sitting on top of the world.

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