Until We Meet Again

Melbourne – a city that inspires, energises, offers reflection, progress and boasts with its irresistible charm. The skyscrapers tall like colossal robots casting shadows on the streets that make way for the hidden gems. Graffiti and street art, art centres, sculptures and installations are ever present in this creative melting pot. The weather as divers as its people, parallels to London and many other European cities, as you hear all languages of the world spoken in the bars and laneways. The new and the old – side by side. Captivated by a city that seemed so familiar and yet so unknown, I recognised places and names from pictures and stories and as I wandered the streets and alleys aimlessly, I found myself surrounded by new images that inspired my creative mind. As I explored the hidden and not so hidden street art, this city’s people welcomed me in and opened my eyes to a new world that lies beyond my door step. A place full of character, love, contrast and energy – a city that plays to our senses, passions and creative spirit. Leaving Melbourne is the hardest thing I have had to do on this latest trip and as I explore more unknown places in this world, I am drawn to this city like never before. The captivating energy of Melbourne and the beauty of everything around me is everlasting and I look forward to exploring my relationship with this southern gem when I return.


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