Roma….Amore Mio


My love for this city goes beyond its boundaries that are marked by the hop on hop off bus route and the ancient walls that give this city its eternal presence. Turn any corner, walk down any alley and even under the floor boards of a souvenir shop, remanence of the Great Roman Empire is everlasting. This city boasts with its colossal architecture, the grandeur of the past, withstanding the changing world over more than 2,000 years. Strolling in the shadows of the Colosseum, sipping coffee outside the Pantheon, taking in the views from the Spanish steps and exploring the gardens around Villa Borghese, this ancient capital is frantic and yet calm. It appears to me as a city that has forever kept its reign on the people from all over the world and yet remained uninfluenced. Strong, bold, indestructible, grand and full of stories to tell. The art ever present. The Roman citizens ever so elegant. The senses overwhelmed with the scent of Italian cooking flooding the streets, the whistling sound of the coffee machines breaking the morning silence, voices and gestures raised admits the crowds, as drivers and foot passengers debate their right of passage. Clergymen and women devoting their lives to one true love contrasted by the light hearted young Romans, who devote their life to playing the game. This is Rome. A place where everything seems to be done with the utmost passion and commitment. A city that lives through its heart and soul and will forever be the eternal city.


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