One Day, Someday, Maybe

As I prepare to leave London at the end of this week and venture out to explore the unknown world that lies ahead, I sit here with my travel companion reminiscing about times spent in this wonderful city. This is the place that took my breath away at the age of sixteen, as I was welcomed to do an internship at the picture desk of a well-known weekly magazine. This is the city that makes my heart skip a beat every time I fly over it, walk up from beneath the ground or look out over it from one of its towering giants. This is the place that is a thousand cities, hundreds of languages, multiple faiths. It lives and breathes the right to self expression in any shape and form you can think of. It is the city that cherishes great traditions and embraces continuous change.

This place could not be more contrasting as you move from west to east, passing through the grand palaces and open parks of Westminster to the red bricked narrow streets and alleys of Shoreditch and Whitechapel. The river that connects and divides those who live north and those, who live south of its banks. Its tidal stream passing the shipyards and industrial Docklands near Canary Wharf all the way to the quaint and quiet riverside pubs in Twickenham. The football fans, the rugby players, cricketers, olympians; musical goers, hip hop clubbers and Eurovision song contestants – they have all ended up in bustling Soho trying to hail a cab in the early hours of the next day, as the clubs turn out their lights and China town’s delivery men run riot. The museums that show case the masterpieces from all over the world, educating the next generation on art history and freedom of expression.

The wonderful and beautiful diversity of this city is equally what connects us all in this ever-changing place we all call home. Bidding my farewell, I look back on beautiful memories created and shared and look forward to when I return one day, someday, maybe.


One thought on “One Day, Someday, Maybe

  1. Hope your travels bring you everything you hope for. Our thoughts and prayers go with you and hopefully we will catch up again, one day, someday, maybe.

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