Travel Jitters

This post is even more relevant now, as I make the final arrangements for my biggest adventure yet…..heading east tomorrow to discover more unknown places.

The Art of Travelling

Lying in bed, tossing and turning to the images my restless mind creates. It turns thoughts and ideas into dreams, which are so vivid in colour and crisp in sound that it is hard to distinguish them from reality, when I finally wake. Travel jitters. I cannot recall a single adventure that did not include experiencing the beautiful anxiety of the unknown.

I would probably go as far to say I revel in it and it is this that makes my heart race and makes me feel alive, my adrenaline kick, my addiction.

And then there is a different sensation, unlike the common travel excitement. The one that you can experience only once, as you step into the unknown for the very first time. A new place you have been destined to travel to is an overwhelming experience on all your senses. Allowing yourself to be completely absorbed by the…

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2 thoughts on “Travel Jitters

  1. Good luck, Rebecca. May you find everything you’re looking for. As the (now dead) comedian Dave Allen used to say, “may your God go with you”. Keith & Margaret


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