A Walk in the Clouds

Nepal – a wonderfully mesmerising country with all its diversity, traditions, hundreds of different cultures and languages. One of the largest mountain ranges in the world, cradling ten peaks higher than eight thousand metres and fifty that exceed seven thousand. The cities chaotic, offering an abundance of singing bowls, hand woven scarfs, crafted jewellery, restaurants, adventure activities and a plethora of food choices. Mopeds, cars, cows, pedestrians – all roaming the roads in an attempt to get from A to B. A world that also offers an escape route. A place to recharge and let the mind flow and focus amidst the stillness of the great peaks.

Awakening to the warm and soothing sound of the singing bowl at sun rise, stepping out onto the cool grass in front of the tea house and deciphering the mountain peaks from the clouds, as the shade and light allow their shapes to emerge against the backdrop of the clear blue sky. This was the view worth waiting for. The five day hike up and down stone staircases that seemed to have no ending or no beginning. Passing grazing grounds of the water buffalo so green, they reminded me of the pastures in Wales. The dusty gravel roads trodden down by trekkers destined for the same route, but no where to be seen. Forests thick and cool, the smell of moss in the air and the mud beneath each step lending itself to a healthy breeding ground for leeches that latched on whenever possible. Walking through villages of a forgotten world and turning in at tea houses, nestled in the hill side along the route, I looked forward to the late afternoon meditation wrapped in the warmth of the gurus words. In the evenings, as the heavens opened and the clouds released their reservoirs built up throughout the day, I drifted off to the sound of rain on the tin roof that provided shelter and comfort through the cold nights.

Walking in the clouds, as it seemed, was a trek – somewhere between heaven and hell – an amazing adventure.

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Clouds

  1. We are still following you. Mesmerising tales from a wonderful women! Don’t forget us

    Keith & Margaret


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