Crossing Paths on the Walk of Life

Embarking on this trip I ventured out into the unknown, equally excited and unsure of what to expect and who I would meet. Little did I know that I would come across so many wonderful women that would fuel my inspiration.
Watching the confidence grow in my students in Nepal, as they learned to read and write, speak English and share their life stories in a trusted environment.
Exploring the contrast when modern life meets traditional values as the Myanmar women of the Akha and Lisu hill tribes spend their days devoting their energy to their home and family, unaware and uneducated about the life that exists beyond their villages. Women, weaving lotus and silk, rolling cigars, making paper and thus generating income for their families that extends beyond that of the average fisherman or farmer.
Businesswomen, travellers, waitresses and spa therapists. Many of them looking for an escape to a new world beyond their own reality.
Meeting young women, who still have their entire lives ahead but struggle with the anxieties of growing up in a world they do not understand. Meeting the ones, who have had life changing experiences and now seek to live and be free from anything that could hold them back.
The paths that I have shared, the ones I have crossed and the routes I have followed have lead me to these women and the journey has inspired me to continue on, eager to meet many more from different walks of life.

One thought on “Crossing Paths on the Walk of Life

  1. I think the Amazon is an brilliant experience when it comes to educating Woman…i have spend 2 years there looking for gold and diamands and landed up educating people the way we thought was right until i was told different by the Arawak tribe leader that we as westerners think that our life is right where it was not…by keeping them alive with our medicine and by that they can only sustain the amount of people thats in the village. So for me traveling and meeting people all over the World is that we must take the memories with us.. and on the end we are the ones being Educated actually.


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