Ubud – Somewhere in Between

Starting out as a small jungle village surrounded by rice fields and terraces, you can imagine waking up to the soft sound of the birds and the sweet smell of the morning rain. Ubud, a town known for its craftsmanship and artistic flair has attracted people from all over the world yearning to slow down and simply enjoy a different pace. Years later, Ubud has reinvented itself as tourists flock the little town that now has an abundance of offerings almost entirely aimed at the female solo traveller exploring the world that lies beyond her door step. Yoga enthusiasts rejoice in the meditation that precedes their daily routine, their united voices echo through the open space of the retreat. The food choices are endless as you are torn between venturing into a typical Warung for scrumptious Indonesian specialities or reclining into the plush sofas of the bars and cafes, surrendering to the plethora of vegan alternatives. Coconut, turmeric lattes, smoothie bowls, beetroot hummus, avocado chocolate pudding, southwestern style pulled jackfruit. The explosion of sweet, salty, sour and spicy all in one dish, toying with your taste buds, granting moments of divine pleasure for both lips and eyes as everything is plated up in a meticulous design. A sense of nostalgia emerges as this place catapults you back to “make love not war” slogans from the 70s, walking bare foot is the norm and the sweet smell of incense lingers in the air. And yet, when the light shines on the travellers and yogis, the bohemian bourgeoisie takes shape as they emerge from behind their laptops. Their seemingly effortless outfit pieced together meticulously to entice more followers into their wonderful world, living somewhere between the old and the new. Fleeing to Ubud for rest and tranquility and to reconnect with their sense of place on this planet they seem lost in our digital world. Ubud – a resting place for the racing mind and a staging place for the digital nomad.

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