Just Beneath the Surface

Crystal clear are the waters that run between Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. The currents rip through the straits that separate the islands from one another, wooden fishing boats bobbing along as the men and women sail out to explore the adventures on their door step. White horses dance to the rhythm of the waves as the wind blows them toward the shore of the golden sandy islands. Flippers on feet, snorkel and mask in hand as the boat rocks just off the shore of Gili T. Stepping onto the edge of the boat, a deep breath, a jump and I take the plunge into the clear blue. Cradled in the salty warm water, the bubbles subside, clearing the view on the white sand beneath me. As the breathing calms and I am nestled in between the waves the sun rays break through the surface and alight an entire world beneath. The florescent stripes of the parrot fish catch my eye as they glide past me. The colourful coral reefs shape their world as they embrace the thousand of species that mingle, feed and hunt in the deep of the sea. Strolling with the currents and floating along, the sun on my back and my gaze focused on the new world underneath my navel, the shape of it appears slowly but gracefully. Lying on its sandy bed, resting in the warmth of the sea, a gigantic hawksbill turtle turns its head toward the sky and greets me, seemingly smiling as I fight the currents to rest alongside him for a while. His majestic gentle nature immediately transports me to new heights, as my pulse races and I am in awe of this wonderful creature. Slipping away with the waves I venture on to new worlds undiscovered, as they reveal themselves to me – just beneath the surface.

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