Drifting to Lombok and Beyond

As my final day in Indonesia comes to a close and I am left with a mere six hours before I leave for the airport, the six weeks spent here have been more than I could have wished for. Lucky to reconnect with family and old friends, and blessed to have made new friends. Rediscovering Ubud and Sanur in a new light and drifting on to Amed, the Gili Islands, Kuta in Lombok and finally Bingin on the southern peninsula. From beachside warungs, to detox and yoga bliss, from snorkelling and reggae bars to scooter adventures and surf spots, the new memories shine bright and cast their shadows on the old. However much I have enjoyed Bali again, for this is the third time I have visited, Lombok has captivated me in all its astounding beauty. The southern coast, east and west of Kuta, boasts with its turquoise waters and white sands. Cruising on the back of the scooter, the warm wind whistling in my ear as the vehicle glides around corners and follows the path up and down hills alongside the lush emerald green of the rice fields, the banana leaves and palm trees. Wood shacks with thatched roofs appear in the thick of the greenery where women and men alternate between taking shelter and working in the midday sun. The faint sound of heavy bells ringing, as they are strapped around the grazing cow, her neck merely strong enough to bare the weight as she searches for fresh pastures. Dusty paths lead off from the left, the scooter barely making it over the soft yellow sand and rubble as we approach the horizon. Our eyes adjusting to the glare of the sun and as the engine’s sound is replaced by the roar of the Indian Ocean, my feet touch the hot sand and I find myself at the most magnificent beach you can imagine. Pristine white sands, crystal clear waters. The tide is out and the wind carries the tips of each wave as they role and crash onto shore. The water warm, the sun caressing my skin and the taste of salt on my lips as I take a dip. Riding back to Kuta I hang on to the scooter and drift in and out of these images. Lombok has captivated my heart and I yearn to explore this mesmerising place again one day.

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