Stepping Into a New Day

Sunday morning. The rain taps softly on the window pane in synchrony to the sounds of the Bossa Nova. The scent of fresh brewed coffee drifts from room to room as the machine whistles and the dark, brown liquid drips into the coffee cup.

Beneath my feet, the wood floor gives off a hollow sound and despite the cool touch to my toes, it feels familiar as I am reminded of the countless places I have had the privilege of walking bare foot. Softly gliding across hundreds of pebbles, smoothed over by the sand and waves that have shaped their journey as they are swept up on the shores of the Welsh coastline. Stepping onto the wooden planks of the Indonesian fishing boat, rough, rugged and battered by the power of the seas, they offer a sense of stability as the slick vessel glides through the water, in an attempt to race the white horses it encounters. As the gigantic temples of Bagan throw their shadows across the land, the scorching sand appears in different shades of red, the darker kind lending itself as stepping stones on my way into the grand halls. Imagining the relief pilgrims felt upon entering, their feet tormented by the scorching ground they have walked on, subsiding immediately as the temples’ darkness offers enlightenment and soothes the suffrage. In the grand palaces and houses of Morocco, the white mosaic marble floors, smooth, warm, creating a sense of grandeur amidst the narrow dusty alleys and streets. Waking to the sounds of the morning gong in a Japanese buddhist temple and stepping onto the traditional Tatami. Its woven and structured texture softens the sound of every step you make, revealing the incredible craftsmanship that this country has embedded throughout. The toes cold, my heart filled with warmth, as I sit on deck of the yacht watching the morning sun rise over the Whitsunday Islands, I greet a new day. Stepping onto the beaches along the Pacific Ocean, it is without hesitation I find myself running along the shoreline, dipping toes and heels into the waters that shape this world.

Now back home and rolling out of bed on an average day, my feet hit the floor, the carpet warms the soles and softens the blow of the morning wake. Reminding myself of where I came from, the places I have seen and looking forward to the many more adventures that lie ahead, I feel grounded, grateful, energised and ready to embrace more of the unknown as I step into a new day.

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