The Longest Day

Summer is finally here and London’s grey skyline is alight, as the reyes bounce off the skyscrapers, dart across the bridges and shimmer on the Thames as it flows ever so calmly out toward the sea. Sitting on the Southbank, gazing into the abyss a light breeze wraps its arms around me, the concrete bench, smooth and warm as it has been charged by the power of the sun, cradles me softly to the tune of the crowds on this bustling afternoon.

As the evening sun lends itself to cooler hours and starts setting on the horizon, the city’s concrete jungle disappears into a myriad of shapes and shadows. The sky now dipped in a technicolour dream becomes the canvas of a new painting. Streams of vibrant orange, layers of deep purple, bright pink and slivers of crisp ocean greens and blues melt into each other, only disturbed by the rippling tides of the few clouds in the distance. The nightly darkness to the east of Tower Bridge slowly roles over the historic landmark and encases the banks to either side of its divide. St. Pauls’, Tate Modern, the London Eye, Westminster and Big Ben all are eventually encased by the soft darkness, which makes way for this capital’s monuments to shine in their ever lasting glory. Each standing on their own – tall and bright – glistening in the nightly moon and providing a skyline like no other, ever competing with the brightest stars that twinkle in the distance.

Summer nights – bright and light, lending themselves to create pictures and memories that will last a lifetime and yet the longest day has come and gone and as I move from one day to another I cannot help thinking that these are now becoming shorter with each one passing. A sense of urgency overcomes me to live every moment of these next few months vigorously before the ever so slowly creeping darkness takes over – gratefully experiencing and enjoying every moment these long days bring to us.

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