Returning to New Beginnings

Travelling to Bali, I always return invigorated and with new found energy. Whatever has weighed heavily on my mind, clouded my judgement, made me question my path in life and caused me anxiety at times is set to its final resting place on the “Island of Gods”. Whether it be the spiritual cleansing ceremony and blessing at Tirta Empul, the yoga retreat with its calm and serene atmosphere, the abundance of tantalising food and fresh produce or the mountains, lakes and beaches with their ever changing views – Bali welcomes and nurtures inner peace and the spirits grace me with light and energy as I head home.

Rising to the call of the cockerel before the sun casts its rays all across the island, the cool and crisp breeze rustles through the open window and sweeps over my face as I lie listening to the world around me awakening to a new day. Stepping outside, the smooth marble floor warms the soles of my feet, bracing the cool and damp mist rising from the jungle. The faint sound of scooters echoes through the air, as families come to life and go about their daily routines. Temple tours and market stalls, school runs and tourist jogs, work drop offs and hotel laundry pick ups – all wrapped in the sweet scent of the incense, as its soft sandalwood vale caresses the land.


The spirits ever present on the “Island of Gods”, I have called upon them many times in search of embrace and comfort to my restless mind and as I rise in London to a new day, it is Ganesha who greets me at my bedside. The deity of prosperity, remover of obstacles and creator of space for new beginnings. Wise and intelligent, he symbolises the earth element and rules over the root chakra. Grounding and guiding, the elephant nature of this spirit offers stability and security and it is from the comforting memories of Bali and the knowledge of past journeys, that I find strength in embracing the unknown and welcoming new beginnings. “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah. Namaste!”


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