Be the Captain of Your Ship

As the festive celebrations with family slowly come to a close and we sit patiently wondering how to fill the hours between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, images of past memories emerge. I smile, as I think back on the places I have celebrated the dawning of a new year. Challenging my brother at board games as we both revel in the embrace of  our grandparents on this cold wintery evening. Still sensing the gold satin silk dress against my skin, as I coat my lips in deep red, sling on my heels and venture out with my girls to turn another last night into a new day.  The relentless blasts and popping of fire works overshadowing the crystal cheer of our champagne glasses, as the Frankfurt skyline is set alight for hours on end. Icy winds howl around the skyscrapers of Toronto, as my arms are wrapped around strangers and friends alike to the tunes of “Auld Lang Syne”. The Northern Lights accompany my thoughts, as I stand ankle deep in snowy Iceland, welcoming the new year with joy and fear alike. Home cooked four course meals in the company of my loved one are exchanged for buffet style dinners the following year, as the crowds of friends and family members gather round. Heading out in London solo on this special evening, meeting with other recently single city dwellers and breaking the mould, fearing the unknown.  An evening sitting on a beach in New Zealand, as the warmth of the southern sun still lingers in the midnight air, the taste of adventure captivates my mind.

As the clock strikes twelve, I find myself gazing into an abyss, looking back and wondering what happened to all the new year’s resolutions. The years come and go. New people and adventures guide our paths. Sickness and health play a game of tag, as I call on people near and far. The world is struck by chaos and devastation, as the pain of strangers becomes our own and our thoughts and prayers are sent out to the thousands suffering at the hands of others. We make decisions, some better and some worse. We fall down, dust ourselves off and start over. We experience pain and we hurt. We care, we love and we shine bright in the light of hope.

For those of you, who look back on this year and would prefer to erase it from your memories – I say to you: Life is a journey, not the destination. Continue to ride the wave that brought you here, fight the winds that slow your pace and embrace the light that guides your path. Set your intentions and your sail and be reminded that you are the captain of your ship.

Happy New Year.

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