It’s my first solo flight. Usually mum sits next to me, holding my hand during take off and landing, somewhat anxious when all I can think about is how beautiful the world looks when looking down on it from the sky. I still remember the tense excitement of stepping onto that plane by myself. The great adventure lay ahead and what is now considered an easy commute for many, felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Little did I know that I would be taking many more of these journeys to beautiful places near and far and experience true “wanderlust”.

I was born in Wales, lived in Germany, studied in Sweden and for the past years London has become my home. I took my first solo flight at the age of six, I flew to the USA alone when I was twelve. I lived with host families, who generously lent me their time and love as I learnt French. I took to Spanish food traditions and supporting Australian Rules Football when living in Sweden. Broke old Italian traditions and introduced new English ones. I am passionate about everything associated with a country’s culture and its people, but have always been inspired by the language, the food and the art. When words fail us, we engage through our senses. A country’s traditional recipes, flavours, spices, smells and local produce, the painted picture, the street graffiti, the world class sculptures, they all guide us as much as our language does. They are specific to our culture, express our thoughts and feelings from the past as well as portray our present struggles and passions. This is what truly fascinates me about the countries and places I have travelled to.

Noticing the beauty of things and how living in the moment inspires great creativity and calm. Leaning into the uncertainty of the unknown and experiencing the exhilarating feeling of stepping onto a plane, a bus or a train to a new destination. That is “wanderlust” and the art of travelling is to be present and engaged with every new experience you make on your journey.